Stranded on The Moon -Decision Making Lesson



Type: Roleplay & simulation

Language: English

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Target Age: 9- Adult, Grade 4 and up
Target Subject/Field: Interdisciplinary, Advisor/Decision-making skills, Communication Skills
Essential Idea: How can people collaborate effectively through two-way communication to reach a common goal?

A cooperative learning experience where two or more people 10 important assets found on the moon that they think will keep them alive while stranded there.

Designed by Craig Frehlich B.Ed., M.Ed.

Learning goals

1) Students will be able to learn how to give and receive meaningful feedback effectively.
2) Students will be able to exercise leadership and take on various roles within a group.
3) Students will be able to delegate and share responsibility for decision making.
4) Students will be able to listen actively to other perspectives and ideas.
5) Students will be able to develop strategies to improve communication within a group.


In this space you will visit the following location(s):

Stranded on the Moon

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